Leasing - advantages

Benefits of operational leasing

When it comes to using a car, whether you buy it or lease it, you're

only using it for a finite amount of time. The true cost to you is the

expenses you have during that time, plus the depreciation of the

vehicle over that period.

With operational leasing, you can have the peace of mind of knowing

exactly how much you will pay during the lease period, as well as

outsourcing the risk of any unpredictable events that may occur along

the way. This is because the operational leasing provider is

responsible for the residual value and disposition of the vehicle at the

end of the lease, as well as any unexpected costs that may arise

during the lease period.

In contrast, with financial leasing, you bear the risk of the vehicle's

depreciation and any other associated costs, as well as having to

manage the disposition of the vehicle at the end of the lease. This can

make financial leasing more complex and unpredictable than

operational leasing.

At Europcar, we believe that operational leasing is a simpler and more

transparent way to use a vehicle. Contact us today to learn more

about how we can help you get on the road without any unexpected

costs or risks."


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