Motorcycles T&C



v General information


Driver’s requirements:

Renter and driver must be 25 years old (28 years old for BMW R1250GS) and produce valid identity card or passport and driving license held for at least 2 (two) years. Photocopied documents or documents sent by fax/email are not acceptable.


Rates are in EURO and include limited mileage of 300km/day, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Waiver and 20% VAT. Minimum rental period is 24 hours with a grace period of 29 minutes. If the delay is more, an additional full day charge will apply.

Method of payment:

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Cash payment is allowed only at time of return. Cash deposit is not allowed.

A deposit (prepayment) corresponding to 20% of the rental is required in order for the reservation to be confirmed.

Credit card authorization:

When you arrive at the rental location, you will be asked to leave a deposit for your rental. The deposit

amount will be authorized on your credit card but not debited from your account. The deposit is

intended to cover additional rental costs. The deposit amount is calculated as follows:

2000 € (or equivalent in local currency) plus any charges payable by the driver at the counter.


Purchasing of additional covers does not decrease the amount required for authorization.

v Protections



If CDW and THW are purchased or included in the rate, the renter’s maximum responsibility in case of

damage or theft to the rented vehicle is the amount of money called Excess. This limitation is subject to

the renter’s obligation to inform Europcar office within 12 hours from the event and provide documents from the police for the accident.


Basic Excess amount

Medium Protection package excess

BMW R 1250 GS

€ 2000.00

€ 1000.00

BMW F 850 GS

€ 1800.00

€ 900.00

BMW F 750 GS

€ 1500.00

€ 750.00


Basic Insurance


Third Party Liability is included in the rental cost and the vehicle is covered according to Bulgarian law. A

copy of the document is available in the vehicle for inspections.

Medium Protection Package

The renter can reduce excess to a certain amount in case of damage or theft. The protection is not valid for missing parts of the vehicle.




BMW R 1250 GS

€ 20.00

BMW F 850 GS

€ 18.00

BMW F 750 GS

€ 15.00



All additional covers are in EURO per day and are non refundable.


NB: The payment of any of the additional covers does not relieve the renter of the obligation to obtain

and provide Europcar Bulgaria with written report from the police in case of damage or theft.

There is no coverage and the renter should pay the total amount of damages or losses in case of:

- The damage or theft is not reported until 12 hours to Europcar Bulgaria and immediately to the

Police and a police report or reference number obtained;

- Loss of, emblems, mirrors, top case, panniers;

- Any events resulting from alcohol or drug abuse;

- Damage caused to the rented vehicle because of off road driving;

- Any unauthorized repairs;

v Additional options & charges


Additional driver - 10.00 Euro per day, not more than 100.00 Euro per rental

Navigation system – 10.00 Euro per day, not more than 100.00 Euro per rental.

Penalty charge in case of damage or loss of navigation system is 500.00 Euro. For missing parts as charger, holder or missing bag of the navigation 30.00 Euro charge will apply.

Lost registration documents or Lost plate number – a fine of 120.00 Euro will apply.

Lost keys - depending on manufacturer’s pricelist.

Accident administration fee – in case of an accident, there is non-refundable fee of 30.00 Euros to cover administration expenses, irrespectively of driver’s liability and covers applicable.

Optional extras

R 1250 GS

F 850 GS

F 750 GS

Low seat option

€ 10.00 day (max 10 days)



Top case




Phone holder




Panniers (max 10 days)

€ 10.00

€ 10.00

€ 10.00

Lock/chain (max 10 days)

€ 5.00

€ 5.00

€ 5.00

Chain spray





€ 10.00

€ 10.00

€ 10.00

Luggage straps

Free with the panniers

Free with the panniers

Free with the panniers

If the driver returns damaged or broken helmet a replacement fee of 300.00 EUR will apply.


IMPORTANT! – Please have in mind that according to Bulgarian Law the authorities have the right to

seize the vehicle registration card if the renter has used alcohol or intoxicants while in possession or

driving the rented vehicle. In such cases the renter shall be charged for the days we are not able to use

the vehicle according to our standard rental rates.

The Lessor shall bear no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen personal items and belongings.



v Other services


Cross-border authorization - cross border rentals are available on request and are subject to

permission by Europcar Bulgaria. Please ask at time of booking. There is an additional charge of 96.00 EUR per rental.

Cross border is ALLOWED only in following countries: The member states of the European Union, and countries not part of EU, but members of international 'Green card' convention as follows: Principality of Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Swiss Confederation, Republic of North Macedonia, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. 

Travelling to other countries is strictly forbidden!!!

If the cross border is not authorized the penalty amount will be 192.00Euro


Fuel - The vehicle is rented with full tank and the fuel consumption is on renter’s expenses. A refueling fee of 12.00 Euro plus missing fuel charge (at gas station prices) will apply if the vehicle is not returned with full tank. There is an option to prepay a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental at the price at the gas stations.

Traffic violation fines - If traffic violation fines are received an Administration fee of 18.00 Euro plus the penalty amount will apply.

All rates and charges include 20% VAT.

Call our reservations team: + 359 (0)700 18 688

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